The future of this blog

I have accumulated over 100 draft blog posts to date, on topics ranging from hedge fund strategies to statistics and machine learning (including many addressing my previous "blog syllabus"), but I am increasingly finding that I don't have the time to complete these posts to the level that I would like. And my goals for the blog have changed several times. And I have also been battling my desire for the blog posts serve a secondary purpose: to write a book. As such, I wanted to write the posts in LaTeX (Sweave) as completely reproducible vignettes, that I would post directly through an R package for this purpose. That package is mostly complete except that I wanted to wrap tth so that I could post full LaTeX as HTML without any manipulation. Being a perfectionist has its downsides, especially when free time is scarce.

As such, in the short term, I am going to take a different tact until I can get into a rhythm with this: I will be posting more short posts on a wide range of topics, much more in the wildly speculative/off-the-cuff variety, and won't give as much emphasis to providing a complete treatment.

As always, I welcome feedback.

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